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10 Февраля 2016

The most useful online services for exporters

The most useful online services for exporters

The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation now is working on The Integrated Foreign Economic Information Portal www.ved.gov.ru. The site will be an effective tool for seeking foreign customers and supplying goods.

To make this site more suitable to your interests we propose you to define the functional. You may find below a list of ten services that, to our mind, should be available in the Portal.

1.       To get acquainted with the statistics of export in Russia and abroad;

2.       To post information about your company and products for foreign customers;

3.       To seek export support(for financing, business missions and other support);

4.       To discuss export questions on forum with other exporters or representatives of government agencies;

5.       To analyze the relevance of your products in foreign markets;

6.       To get acquainted with the sequence of arranging an export deal;

7.       To find out more about experience of another exporters (from interviews, news etc.);

8.       To get information about supposed export country (economic survey, customs-tariffs, contacts of local partners and government agencies etc.);

9.       To participate in state supervision of the external economic activity (to point out problems);

You may complete the survey by following the link: http://www.ved.gov.ru/poll/

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