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13 Ноября 2015

Seminar for SMEs of Mordovia Republic

Seminar for SMEs of Mordovia Republic

A seminar for SMEs was held in the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Mordovia within the framework of Mordovian Regional integrated center on the 13th of November.

The theme of this seminar was "The way of small and medium enterprises at the international and interregional markets of goods and services" which included:

·         marketing research in the international and interregional markets;

·         confirmation of the quality and safety of products according to international standards;

·         main principals of the organization of external economic activity;

·        contract formation;

·         structure of the contracts;

·         main forms of payment;

·         exchange control.

The main features of foreign trade have revealed the Head of “Russian energy agency” I. Korokoshko, the Head of Certification division of management systems of the Union of CCI RM O. Shekera, the Head of “PROVEDTSENTR” E. Sevostyanov.

This seminar was attended by the representatives of about 20 companies such as "Electrovypryamitel", "Optikenergo", "Orbita-Svet", "Transvet", "Ruzovo" and the others.

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