Russian Export Centre

Russian Export Centre
The Russian Export Centre is a joint-stock company established as part of Vnesheconombank . It offers a specialised one-stop-shop for exporters, providing financial and non-financial support, and interacting with relevant ministries and agencies.
The establishment of the centre was mandated by the Russian government, with the decision to institute the company taken by Vnesheconombank’s Supervisory Board on 13 April 2015.
The centre was officially registered as a fully owned subsidiary of Vnesheconombank 21 April 2015.
With due consideration given to the strategic significance of the centre, the Russian government designated the legal status of the centre as a state export support institution in Federal Law No. 82-FZ dated 17 May 2007, “On the Bank for Development”.
On 29 June 2015, President Vladimir Putin signed a bill into law implementing the corresponding amendments to the legislation.
Following the confirmation of the centre’s federal status, further work has been launched to formalise the centre’s procedure for collaborating with the relevant federal executive bodies. This procedure is to be enshrined by a corresponding act of the Russian government.
As part of establishing the one-stop-shop service, the Russian Export Centre will integrate the corporate aspect of Vnesheconombank Group organisations, with EXIAR and Eximbank of Russia to fall under the Centre’s ownership.
Main functions of the centre
The centre has been established to provide a specialised service for exporters. Its areas of expertise include export transactions, providing consultations on issues related to exports, assistance in organising exports, and providing support related to export procedures.
Among other things, the centre focuses on supporting requests made by exporters working with relevant ministries, agencies and government services.
In providing non-financial assistance, the centre aims to coordinate the activities of Russian trade representative offices abroad in supporting export projects.
At this initial state of the centre’s development, services are provided to exporters free of charge.

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